Murad Essential-C Cleanser, Renewing Cleansing Cream and Clarifying Cleanser

Cleansers & Toners

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ A good cleanser and equally powerful skin toner are the unsung heroes of your skincare routine. Cleansers and toners purify, balance and prep skin for treatments that follow. Use morning and night for your best skin.

Made with powerful ingredients, our dermatologist-approved skin toner and cleanser products help to clear clogged pores and clean skin at a deeper level to reveal a glowing and balanced complexion. Oily skin? Try the Clarifying Cleanser, a foaming gel cleanser for breakouts that helps clean and clear away excess oil without over-drying. Follow with Clarifying Toner, our refreshing alcohol-free toner that removes oil and helps shrink the look of large pores. Sensitive skin? Choose the Essential-C Cleanser our gentle foaming antioxidant gel cleanser that's ideal for skin with sun damage, and is the perfect prep for a regimen designed to visibly fade dark spots. Follow with Essential-C Toner to replenish moisture for glowing skin. Murad face cleansers and toners are the beginning of every healthy skincare routine and go above and beyond to remove makeup, excess oils, and debris. Follow up your skin routine with dermatologist-approved serums and moisturisers from the Murad collection.