Murad Peptides Collection


Peptides in skincare are clinically proven to visibly boost firmness, smoothness, and elasticity. Elevate your skincare routine with the skin benefits of peptides found in these products, and unlock a revitalised and youthful complexion.

The benefits of peptides for any skin type are impossible to ignore. They’re clinically proven to promote younger-looking skin, and topical peptides are essential for maintaining that youthful glow. By incorporating products with peptides as an ingredient into your skincare routine, you’ll see a significantly visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. Start with Murad’s nutrient-charged Clarifying Oil Free Water Gel, packed with five peptides plus five important vitamins and five minerals. A lightweight gel moisturiser, it not only hydrates and locks in moisture but also strengthens skin and helps restore the damaged skin barrier. Follow it up with an invisible primer with SPF, which provides dual-action sun protection and the perfect base for makeup. Protect your skin from the sun without compromising on the perfect look with a skin care product that creates a smooth tone for all-day wear. The formula’s mushroom peptides minimise signs of skin ageing by restoring firmness, skin elasticity, and youthful radiance. To top off your anti-ageing skincare routine, look no further than our Renewing Eye Cream. Infused with collagen peptides to minimise lines and wrinkles and boost collagen production, the under-eye cream also reduces dark circles and puffiness while brightening and firming the skin around the eyes.