Targeted Wrinkle Corrector

  • 15ML
The instant wrinkle fix you need! When you can’t make it to the dermatologist for a filler, this powerful peptide-meets-hyaluronic treatment virtually erases the look of wrinkles by visibly smoothing and reducing wrinkle intensity instantly.
  • Works like an instant filler with highly bioavailable hyaluronic acid, flooding wrinkles—even deep-set, stubborn lines—with hydration to plump, smooth and reduce wrinkle intensity on contact
  • Elasticity-boosting hexapeptide helps skin bounce back from lines triggered by facial expressions, plus plant-derived squalene prevents moisture loss to help skin resist future wrinkles
  • *Instant results are not permanent
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100% Showed Visible Improvement in Wrinkles Instantly**

A handing holding a tube of Targeted Wrinlke Corrector

Apply Properly to See Instant Results

Frustrated by wrinkles but not ready for the needle? This proven wrinkle fix instantly fills and blurs deep-set, etched-in lines and creases so they’re practically undetectable. It’s preventative, too! A little goes a long way, and continued use boosts skin's hydration levels to help resist future wrinkles—making it a must-add to every skincare routine. Follow the step by step to apply properly for results. **Glabella lines, AKA elevens.

Where to apply
  • Elevens/between the brows (glabella lines)
  • Forehead lines
  • Crow’s feet/orbital bone
  • Sides of mouth
  • Top of mouth

Not Ready for Cosmetic Fillers?

Watch board-certified dermatologist Dr. Daniel Sugai (aka @drspf) break down the types of wrinkles and explain how Targeted Wrinkle Corrector virtually erases the look of wrinkles in an instant. Plus, from forehead lines to glabellas (aka elevens/between-the-brow lines), follow Dr. Sugai’s recommendations on where to apply this instant wrinkle fix to see clinically proven, immediate results.


Unretouched Real Results When Applied As Directed

With Targeted Wrinkle Corrector:

  • Immediately upon application:
  • 100% showed visible improvement in wrinkles (glabella lines, AKA elevens)
  • 96% saw smoother texture on applied areas
  • 88% agree facial expression lines look smoother
  • 84% would consider using this product instead of a filler
  • 80% agree wrinkles look less deep and less noticeable
  • 80% agree treated areas look more plump
  • 80% feel less stressed about ageing and feel more confident about their appearance

Backed by Science to Optimise Skin Wellness


To Use: AM and PM

  • A close up of a molecule
    Step 1

    Apply to clean, dry skin.

  • a tube of targeted wrinlke corrector
    Step 2

    Step 2 Gently squeeze product out and tap into wrinkle with the metal side. 
    If needed, use ring finger to gently tap into wrinkle (don't rub in). Let dry.

  • A close up of a white liquid
    Step 3

    Follow by applying Retinol Youth Renewal Serum. At night, follow with Retinol Youth Renewal Night Cream. During the day, follow with your favourite serum, moisturiser and SPF.

a group of targeted wrinlke correctors

Works 3 ways to reduce wrinkle intensity: 1) fills with bioavailable hyaluronic acid, 2) boosts elasticity with hexapeptide, 3) prevents future wrinkles with plant-derived squalane.


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