Essential-C Overnight Barrier Repair Cream

  • 50ML
Vitamin C moisturiser is supercharged with antioxidants to help neutralise pollutants, brighten and smooth while strengthening skin’s barrier overnight.
  • Contains antioxidants from THD ascorbate (a highly stable, absorbent and potent form of vitamin C) and marrubium extract to neutralise daily damage caused by invisible and visible pollution and environmental aggressors.
  • A sunflower, cucumber and barley botanical blend nourishes the skin’s moisture barrier to counter pollution-related dehydration, dullness and rough texture.
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Reset Your Skin’s Barrier While You Sleep

a close up of a person's face
A jar of Essential-C Firming Overnight Barrier Repair Cream

Snap Back from a Day’s Worth of Damage and Dryness

What’s harming your skin? Every day, your skin is damaged by “urban pollution”—indoor and outdoor environmental aggressors and free radicals from the sun and airborne toxins. This damage weakens your skin and can lead to signs of premature aging including dryness, dullness and rough texture. Essential-C Overnight Barrier Repair is our melt-into-skin moisturiser that helps boost skin’s resiliency to create a more effective barrier against airborne pollutants.

Which skin type is it good for?
  • Balanced
  • Combination
  • Dry
  • Sensitive

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