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Tips for Sticking to a Skincare Routine

It’s time to defend your sensitive skin.
Tips for Sticking to a Skincare Routine Skincare Library

If skincare feels more like a hassle and less like your happy place, we’re here to help. After all, your skin is your largest living organ, and taking care of your skin has real, visible results while benefiting your entire body. If you’re wondering how to stick to a skincare routine, we have some easy tips (as well as some essential skincare advice) to make this essential practice your strong suit.

Tip 1: Do your skincare routine in the shower
To keep a consistent skincare routine, make it a part of a daily practice like showering or taking a bath. Keep your face cleanser in the shower and cleanse while your conditioner soaks in. If you feel like you never have time for a mask, simply multi-task by masking in the shower then start washing your hair or shaving your legs.

Tip 2: Keep all your products in one place
Using your skincare products shouldn’t feel like a scavenger hunt. Create a fun and inviting skincare station with a headband, cotton balls, and your morning and evening skincare essentials. Having everything out and accessible works as a reminder and makes your routine more efficient.

Tip 3: Make it into a spa experience
Turn your skincare routine into selfcare in the form of an escape. Recreate your favorite spa setting with an essential oil diffuser, a cushy robe, some comfortable slippers…whatever helps you transition from your day to your selfcare routine.

Tip 4: Set a reminder
In a day filled with meetings, play dates, and activities, it can be hard to remember to care for your skin and yourself. If you need help remembering how to stick to a skincare routine, set a daily reminder to checkout and check-in with your skin. We have a feeling you’ll start to look forward to this break in the day.

Tip 5: Take a before photo
What’s more motivating than results? Take a picture of your skin then commit to a routine for 4 weeks. Take another picture after the 4 weeks and compare the two. Seeing clearer, healthier, revived skin is sure to help you turn skincare into a habit. You’ll wonder how you ever asked the question, “How do I stick to a skincare routine?"

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