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Tackling Perimenopause/Menopause

Everything you need to know about changes that happen to your skin during menopause?

1. What changes happen to skin during menopause? When a woman is experiencing menopause, she may notice a shallowed look to her cheeks and skin and facial hair around the lower half of the face. This is caused by a drop-in estrogen due to hormonal fluctuations during menopause and also a decrease in collagen and elastin production, which contributes to the deeper wrinkles and lackluster appearance often seen in the later stages of life. Thinned skin, loss of elasticity and increased skin sensitivity also often occur during this time. (Product recommendations are included in the Resurgence range)

2. Are there any skin conditions or changes that typically signal the perimenopause and likewise are there any changes in their skin care routine that a woman could implement or ingredients to look out for in skin care products?

As women approach the menopausal years, they are dealing with the full court press from all three types of ageing: genetic ageing, environmental ageing and now hormonal ageing too. It’s everything they dealt with in their 20s and 30s - fine lines, shallow wrinkles, sun damage and sagging - with hormonal ageing coming into play; even women blessed with great genes will now start to see genetic and hormonal ageing.

Hormonal ageing comes as a result of the gradual shift in your hormone profile and symptoms include a loss of elasticity, medium to deep wrinkles, dry and thinning skin with a dull or lacklustre tone. Acne will either be long gone or women may experience adult on-set acne as part of their hormonal ageing symptoms. Look for products that fight multiple signs of ageing in one step. You may want to target firmness, wrinkles, loss of collagen, dehydration and breakouts all in one go. Other factors commonly experienced are age spots and uneven skin tone on face hands and chest caused from environmental damage and hormonal changes.

3. Which Murad products are best suited for women during and post menopause?

Murad’s Resurgence line, was the first comprehensive line of products developed specifically to address the signs of hormonal aging. Resurgence formulas contain breakthrough technology that delivers essential fatty acids and plant-derived phytoestrogens to help replenish essential hormones that diminish with age and includes the Retinol Youth Renewal range which enhances collagen synthesis, firms and plumps skin, increases cell turnover and brightens the skin. Swertia flower extract also boosts skins resilience and increases epidermal thickness improving the appearance of thinner more fragile skins. Retinol Youth Renewal Serum has been clinically proven to work quickly on key factors in as little as 2 weeks:

93% saw a reduction in lines and wrinkles 98% noticed smoother skin 85% saw more radiant skin

Retinol Youth Renewal Night Cream also contains niacinamide and picolinamide important antioxidants that strengthen skins barrier and help with uneven skin tone and loss of radiance common concerns during menopause.

Other Menopause favourites Resurgence Age Balancing Moisture SPF 30 Rich yet fast-absorbing SPF moisturiser deeply nourishes and protects dry skin while improving elasticity to renew a youthful glow. Shea butter, sunflower oil and an amino acid complex help improve elasticity and replenish skin with long-lasting hydration. Ingredients that help menopause skin: Shea Butter and a Blend of Sunflower, Grape Seed & Avocado Oils-Replenish dull, dry skin with long-lasting hydration. Resurrection Plant Proteins-Restore moisture balance to distressed skin to keep it hydrated and plump. Phytoestrogens Help improve elasticity and smooth skin

Intense Recovery Cream. Now calm comes in a cream. This is a great solution for extreme dryness, and redness (even rosacea) which is a common concern for menopause skin. Our most luxurious richest cream to date. After using Intense Recovery Cream for 4 weeks: • 100% agree skin felt soothed • 92% agree skin feels comforted and more hydrated • 88% agree that their over-stressed skin looks relaxed (calm) • Users showed an overall reduction in redness by 14.69% • 89% of subjects showed improvement in redness

NEW Rapid Dark Spot Correcting Serum targets dark spots melasma and uneven skin tone on face chest and hands. Patented resorcinol technology, exclusive to Murad, visibly reduces the intensity of the look of dark spots and uneven tone Suitable for a wide range of skin tones; targets the dark spots you see and prevents the look of the ones you can't see yet. 84% Showed a Reduction in Hyperpigmentation in just 14 Days*

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  • Retinol Youth Renewal Serum
    Retinol Youth Renewal Serum

    Whether you're seeing your first wrinkle or want the serious results of a retinoid without a doctor's visit, this fast-acting serum visibly improves key signs of ageing in just 2 weeks. Gentle enough for nightly use.

    £92.00 | 30ML
  • Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Eye Serum
    Retinol Youth Renewal Eye Serum

    Prevents + reduces visible wrinkles all around the eyes (including lids!).

    £89.00 | 15ML
  • Retinol Youth Renewal Night Cream
    Retinol Youth Renewal Night Cream

    Improves the look of wrinkles while intensely hydrating.

    £85.00 | 50ML
  • Rapid Dark Spot Correcting Serum
    Rapid Dark Spot Correcting Serum

    Rapidly reduce the look of hyperpigmentation without a doctor’s visit. This intensive serum promotes surface cell turnover for brighter, more even skin.

    £83.00 | 30ML
  • Intense Recovery Cream
    Intense Recovery Cream

    Clinically proven, comforting cream for face and eyes reduces the visible signs of stress-induced ageing and redness.

    £84.00 | 50ML

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  • Renewing Cleansing Cream
    Renewing Cleansing Cream

    Creamy cleanser removes impurities and gently exfoliates without over-drying skin.

    £45.00 | 200ML
  • Revitalixir Recovery Serum
    Revitalixir Recovery Serum

    Sphere-infused serum for the face and eyes combats signs of stress-induced ageing.

    £92.00 | 40ML
  • Vita-C Glycolic Serum
    Vita-C Glycolic Serum

    Vitamin C and glycolic acid serum for dramatically brighter, healthier-looking skin.

    £88.00 | 30ML
  • City Skin Age Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 50 | PA++++
    City Skin Age Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 50 | PA++++

    100% mineral, indoor/outdoor SPF shields against digital blue light damage, UVA, UVB & pollution.

    £69.00 | 50ML