Merry & Bright Holiday Skincare Routine

Turn on your holiday glow & get a little me time.
Holiday Skincare Routine Skincare Library

How do you find a little bit of me time during the hectic holidays? With a holiday skincare routine designed to relax your mind and revive your skin.

Why is a holiday skincare routine important?
As much as the holidays are about happiness and giving thanks, we often get caught up in the minutia: hosting the perfect (and socially distant) family gathering, making an applause-worthy holiday meal, and giving gifts that wow. This seasonal stress combined with colder, drier weather stresses our mind and takes a toll on our skin.

Creating a holiday skincare routine can help you keep a very essential selfcare routine in the midst of the busy-ness.

Cleansing & exfoliating
It might seem minor, but it’s the essential first step in your daily routine. Dry winter weather leads to layering on heavier serums and creams that can build on skin and cause dullness. Cleansing will help lift away this debris, as well as pollution and toxins that collect during the day. Following with exfoliation will polish away dulling skin cells to refresh and revive, and clear the way for treatment products that follow.

Face masks
No holiday skincare routine should be without a face mask. Why? Because they do double-duty: while it nourishes and purifies, we can take a little down time for ourselves. While most face masks should be used 2-3 times a week, read the directions on your face mask for best results.

Serums are your skin’s best friend during stressful times and dry winter months. Why? Because they deliver super-concentrated benefits to keep skin healthy-looking and radiant. Our favorite serums offer a one-two punch of vitamin C and glycolic acid. Vitamin C takes on dark spots and uneven tone as glycolic acid exfoliates to lift away debris so the vitamin C can be more effective.

Eye Treatment
Increased holiday stress can take a toll on how well you sleep. To minimise the look of dark circles around the eyes, treat morning and night with a Vita-C Dark Circle Corrector. Formulated with unique and highly efficacious gold-stabilised vitamin C, it fights the look of dark circles (blue, brown and red tones) in as little as 2 weeks. And, the light-reflecting minerals come in extra handy as they instantly brighten your eye area.

Moisturisers are extremely critical during the winter months. Drier temperatures steal water from your skin, and moisturisers can help lock in hydration to prevent dryness and fine lines. For a brightening boost with moisturising benefits, try a vitamin C-infused moisturiser like Essential-C Day Moisture SPF 30. Ready to put your holiday skincare routine together? Shop Murad’s essentials for your daily skincare-meets-selfcare regimen.