Deep Relief Blemish Treatment Saved My Life: A Real Customer’s Skin Journey

Product Case Study: Deep Relief Blemish Treatment Saved My Life A Real Customer’s Skin Transformation

Ellie's real-life skin transformation story.

When Ellie booked a virtual skin consultation and shared her acne story, we were inspired! An acne sufferer, who over the years had tried over 10 different prescription products and a whole host of different skincare products without success. Until she was introduced to Deep Relief Blemish Treatment. Inspired by Dr. Murad’s lifelong commitment to science-backed wellness, our philosophy is creating products and experiences not only for healthier skin but for happier lives. So, we are proud to share Ellie’s real-life skin transformation story.

I had acne for approximately 2/3 years and found a prescription topical antibiotic which really helped. Unfortunately, as I had been using it for an extensive period of time my skin eventually became resistant to it. After this, I have quite literally tried every prescription product over the past 2 years; two rounds of oral antibiotics, duac, epidio, 20% azelaic acid, benzyl peroxide, birth control (Yazmine) and tretinoin but everting either didn’t work or was so irritating I couldn’t continue. At the beginning of March 2023, my skin began the worst breakout I have ever had. I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere with my GP, but I was lucky enough to have private health insurance. So, I booked an appointment with a local dermatologist in Hertfordshire, who advised that the best treatment going forward would be Accutane. However, I wouldn’t be able to start treatment for 4 weeks as I was going on holiday to NYC and Florida (too hot/ strong UV in Florida and would need to be monitored for the first month and not being in the country would be too risky).

When I was in NYC my skin was still the worst it had ever been, I wasn’t using any actives on my skin as it was so inflamed and angry everything was just too painful. I was simply washing my face, applying sunscreen and moisturiser. However, one day I walked into Sephora in Soho (the 557 Broadway location) whilst I was looking for a BB cream, a lovely lady talked about Murad Deep Relief Treatment. I thought to myself “Well my skin can’t get any worse than it already is”, but in all honestly, I really didn’t expect it to work. I bought it on 15th April 2023 and since then I have been using it religiously once a day.

When I say my skin has been completely transformed, I honestly can’t believe how well it worked! Within 1-2 months it had significantly reduced the red inflamed acne. It’s honestly shocking when I look at my before and after pictures. Just to see how inflamed my entire face was and how it has resolved this (not to mention the actual pain and emotional toll acne has on you). I have been using this product for 3 and a bit months daily and never ever plan on stopping using it. It has been quite literally a miracle worker. I no longer have to go on Accutane- not only saving a lot of money but also now eliminating the risks which came with that medication. Not to sound cliché but it has honestly saved my life and I recommend it to all my friends and family if they ever talk about their skin.

Well wishes, Ellie xxx