Korinna Howie’s Summer Skin Saviours

City Skin Age Defence SPF50
We're all much better educated around preventing sun damage now and this is an all-year-round staple for me - because I use retinoids I'm especially careful to protect myself from damaging sun rays. I feel really safe and protected in this product. Not only from the sunshine and damaging rays, but also because I walk around in the city filled with pollution. There's another big bonus for me... Because I'm a content creator, we're always looking at screens, and this protects from damaging screen light too. I especially love it on my 'no make-up days' because it gives my skin a really subtle healthy, peachy glow. This little bit of coverage evens out my skin tone and gives me a little bit of skin confidence, all with just a casual application of my SPF.

Hydrating Toner
Perfect for a cooling boost in the summer months! Can't live without it - I like to keep one at my desk, in the kitchen, one my bedside table. It's the most expensive and premium of all the hydrating toner sprays I've tested, but it's the best. It's not a five minute hydrator fix - I see and feel the ingredients continuing to hydrate long after I've used it. It also gives my skin a lovely healthy, juicy appearance if I use it as a fresher on top of make-up. I absolutely love it.

Nutrient Charged Water Gel
I'm 52 now and my skin and body crave moisture, moisture, moisture, and this supercharged gel provides it. It gives both an instant and longer term boost to my skin hydration level and condition. I layer it on top of my favourite serum to hydrate me for the day. A little goes a long way, so I feel I get a really juicy, liberal coverage from a small amount. It's also a product I turn to for a booster later in the day, if I want to refresh and boost my skin before I apply my make up for a night out. I feel like I've had a mini face-mask without having to wait!

Retinol Youth Renewal Eye Serum
A firm favourite of mine ever since I discovered it several years ago. It delivers all the results that we want from our retinoids and reduces wrinkles and pigmentation (which I have suffered with around my eye area in the past). I particularly love this because it's moisturising and hydrating too (especially important in the dryer, summer air). Some retinols can leave my skin dry, but this feels lovely, smooth and hydrating. One more great thing I love? You can use it all around the eye area, which means I can use it on the upper eye area too.

Hydro Dynamic Ultimate Moisture
I first used this because it's won loads of awards, and I can see why! I regularly use it morning and night as my very last step in my routine. It's rich and creamy but not heavy so it’s great all year round. Skincare can be so complicated, knowing which ingredients, acids and peptides work with which others, and I love that this can be layered on top of any and all of my favourite skincare products. It's full of active ingredients and benefits as a stand alone product, and it will help me see the benefits of the other products layered in my routine. It's a must have all rounder for stress free, supple skin whatever the weather!